Freefeet Learning Tips

Learn How to Use the Remote

You'll get a remote controller to start, accelerate and stop your electric skateboard. You can try before you getting on the board, just push the trigger on the remote to feel how it works. Remote also used to change the direction to go, and speed mode. With a little bit time, you'll adapt to the way the remote works.


Get on the board and adjust the posture to adapt to the board, lower gravity center is more stable. Push the remote control slowly. The turning is controlled by changing gravity center, please practice a lot before learning to turn.

Accelerating & Braking

Being so close to the ground feels really fast, we do recommend you accelerate gradually. After some practice, you’ll get used to and start enjoying top speed. However for first-timers, you will find your body tensing up when you wanna brake. Just relax, lean back slightly and gingerly press the brake, braking won’t be a problem.


Get the right protective gears to make sure your skateboarding journey is safe, the number one item to buy before anything else is your helmet.

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