Freefeet K9 all terrain electric skateboard

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Plenty of electric skateboards have popped up in recent years, each with their own features. Compared with the urban board, the off road big wheel electric mountain board is more popular with customers, especially in the Australia.


The K9 electric mountain board has two brushless N63 motors. It’s top speed can reach 35km per hour, this is an almost-scary speed. (the Evolve is capable of hitting 36 km/h (22 mph)). The best electric scooter skateboard has to be able to handle all kinds of terrain.

K9 electric skateboard has attractive design, you can feel its immense power and acceleration from the moment of take off. How fast do you want to go? This speed, should certainly be approached with caution. 8 inch off road tires with serious tread, spring-loaded trucks to absorb the impact. Riding a skateboard over rugged landscapes felt unnatural at first, but if you are used to riding at a high speed, it’s an thrilling experience.


Whether this is a worthy investment would depend entirely on where you live and where you'll be able to ride it. If you live near to challenging off-road trails, or even closed pathways without many people around, then Freefeet K9 electric mountain board is a vehicle you could have a of a lot of fun with.

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