Pomelo 5 Electric Skateboard - A Stunning Gift

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The holiday season offers us a special opportunity to extend our best wishes to our family, our friends and our partners on business. You may are racking your brains to select a special gift for them. The emergence of Pomelo electric skateboard is sure to draw your notice, as it is not only convenient but also stylish.

Pomelo electric skateboard focuses on what is essential to the design of a daily transport unit, it has to be sustainable, compact, with high performance and low consumption. Of course, one more important point is that it should be good looking.

The Pomelo electric skateboard allows you to swap battery packs during travel. You can travel up to 35km after a full charge. It comes with a wireless remote, holding the finger-operated trigger, enjoying the speed which is controlled completely by yourself. No matter he is a skateboarder or a complete newbie, an electric powered skateboard is definitely an awesome gift.


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