Start with A Great Skateboard

Pomelo is a perfect choice for people looking for quality, a great engineered drive train and great customer support. If you need a ride to get around town or campus, or just looking for a present, Pomelo is the way to go without breaking the bank.

Pomelo 5 electric skateboard


The Latest Technology

We’ve pioneered the latest technology in removable battery pack in order to make our electric skateboards top-of-the line, while also remaining more affordable than other similar brands.

Pomelo 5 electric skateboard


Powerful Lithium Battery

The replaceable battery pack is located under the deck. A full charge can give you a maximum riding range of 35km. Turning any road or path into the endless powder run of your dreams.

Pomelo 5 electric skateboard


Powerful 2.4 GHz RF Wireless Remote

Pomelo’s 2.4GHz RF remote, ergonomically designed to fit your hand. The high-performance remote will give a super responsive ride both while accelerating and braking. Tiny size easily fits in pocket.

Pomelo 5 electric skateboard


Get You Where You Want to Go

For beginners or professional skateboarders there are three speed modes to accommodate any rider. Pomelo boards can reach speeds of up to 35KM/H. Turn every errand, grocery run, or commute into a joy ride.

Pomelo 5 electric skateboard


More Details for P5 Skateboards

Range - Up to 35km, depending on rider weight and terrain.

Deck - High-grade custom molded bamboo & glass-fiber.

Motors - 160W*2 high performance in-wheel motors.

Wheels - Pomelo 90*52mm 80A for P5 electric skateboard.

Recharge - 2-3 hours with standard charger.

Max Load - 120kg / 264lbs.

Pomelo 5 electric skateboard


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