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Perfect for urban commute, Freefeet F6 foldable electric scooter can be adjusted according to riders height, to bring you the most comfortable riding experience. You will be amazed at the time you save on commuting, parking by riding Freefeet F6.

Freefeet F6 Folding Electric Scooters


Choose Your Speed

A LED display let riders see their speed, distance traveled, as well as how much battery left. Three different gears allow you to adjust speed you want, to ride your Freefeet e-scooter smoothly while you’re cruising or riding. 

Freefeet F6 Folding Electric Scooters


Collapsible Electric Scooter

Lightweight, compact and easily foldable, so you never run out of storage ideas. F6 scooter can reach the high speed of 35 km/h. For safety, it is also equipped with headlights & taillights so that you can ride during nighttime.

Freefeet F6 Folding Electric Scooters


Best Adult Electric Scooter

Powered by a 350 watt motor, equipped with a rear brake system, it is easy to ride and safe for teens & adults. In addition to physical braking by friction, Freefeet F6 electric scooter also uses regenerative braking. This not only charges the battery but also results in much shorter braking distances.

Freefeet F6 Folding Electric Scooters


Enjoy A Smooth and Comfortable Ride

Featured with 8 inch customized tire, front and rear coil spring suspension, which help to reduce rider fatigue and maintain control over rough terrain. You can also ride it like a normal scooter even when it runs out of charge. 

Freefeet F6 Folding Electric Scooters


More Details for F6 Foldable Scooters

Net Weight - 16.8KG

Mileage - 25-30KM

Max Speed - 35KM/H

Max Load - 120KG

Motor Power - 350W

Battery Capacity - 36V 8.8AH

Braking - Drum brake

Package Size - 24*53*116 CM

Freefeet F6 Folding Electric Scooters


Freefeet F6 Folding Electric Scooters

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