All Terrain Electric Mountain Board

Get ready for a wild riding experience. Freefeet K9 mountain boards are built with the best parts, skateboarders can glide over grass, hard beach sand, uneven or poor terrain surfaces.

Freefeet K9 off road electric mountainboard


Durable Skateboard Deck

Featured with 8-ply maple wood and 2-ply bamboo vertically laminated deck, there is a good amount of flex for maximum control at all speeds and sudden acceleration. This board is perfect for adults, can handle a rider who weighs 220 lbs.

Freefeet K9 off road electric mountainboard


Dual Motor Powered Mountainboard

Two brushless N63 motors, each 1650 watt. You can feel its immense power and acceleration from the moment of take off. Riding a skateboard over rugged landscapes feels unnatural at first, but if you are used to riding at a high speed, it's an thrilling experience.

Freefeet K9 off road electric mountainboard


Powerful Off-road Capability

High-powered LG 36V 11Ah lithium battery gives you a range of up to 25 km per charge, top speed up to 35 km/h on all terrain depending on rider weight and riding skills.

Freefeet K9 off road electric mountainboard


All Terrain Tires

Freefeet adopt high-quality tires. Compared to ordinary street skateboards, they have stronger road holding capability, which enhances the terrain adaptability and make it more practical in various road conditions.

Freefeet K9 off road electric mountainboard


More Details for K9 Mountain Board

N.W. - 14KG

Board Dimension - 115* 42*23 CM

Max Climbing - 17° (30%)

Wheel Size - 200 x 50 mm

Remote Capacity - 800mAh Lithium Battery

Package Dimension - 124* 50*31 CM

Freefeet K9 off road electric mountainboard


Freefeet K9 Off-road Electric Skateboard

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